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TEXAL - Máscaras certificadas CITEVE


We are a vertical Manufacturing Company, established on the market over 40 years. Our production capacity is large, internal and include tools that allow us good quality standards, being our products brand image.

Working with all kind of qualities, sustainbable and quality materiales, recycled yarns and enviroment friendly, in such a way to match current market needs, among todays necessary and exigible lines. We have our own creation lines, designed by associated designers, always to be constantly updated.

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Texal Sport

Recently created, contemplats a vast product range, linked to all Sportswear producto lines. We don’t have minimum quantities. Together with reliable partners, we are able to manage and provide a answer to all needs this market requires. We have our Own Collection, which may be used as a base for any customer, on any activity area, as well could be branded as you wish. Diversified garments and fast deliveries.

Texal Colleges

Being a simpler product line on what concerns styling, we offer a vast range of proper products, even though we are talking mostly about of Childreen clothing, which obliges more attention and care on used materiales, as well providing a very atractive price/quality relation, alied to quick answering capacity, always ready to meet on due time what this area requires.

Texal Homewear / Fashion

It’s fidelised area, our Company Core Business, which since always, as been settled on our Clients and Traditional Partners, contemplats a large Underwear range, as well high quality Poloshirts lines produced for well known brands.

"The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective".

(Warren Buffet)

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